Club Information

Address: 645 Mt Wellington Highway, Auckland

Postal: PO Box 22-368, Otahuhu 1062

Club Office: +64 9 276 7493 Fax: +64 9 276 3166


The Otahuhu Leopards  is a New Zealand based  Rugby League Football Club based in Otahuhu, Auckland. We compete in the Fox Memorial (ARL) premier competition. In 1943, playing in blue and white, Otahuhu produced their first Fox side at Carlaw Park and by 1945 had won their first Fox, in 1946 their first Kiwi’s were selected, Toff Johnson and Claude Hancox.

The club has won 12 premierships over its history and has turned out such players as Ruben Wiki, Richard Barnett and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. Richard Blackmore played for the Premiers at Otahuhu in the early 90's and then became Head Coach from 2006 to 2010 successfully taking ownership of the Stormont Shield and Roope Rooster and leading the team to a Fox Memorial grand final victory over Mt Albert in 2010.


Through the uncompromising toughness and never-say-die attitude of the Leopards members and players in the early years to the outstanding skill of more recent times, an expectation of success has evolved. The results are something the club's pioneers could only have dreamt about.

Life Members

Mr Doug Anthony,   Mrs Desmar Bankier *
Mr T Baxter,  Mr Bill Bockett,  Mr Harvey Bryan
Mrs Maude Clark,  
Mr Wit Clark,  Mr J Cox
Mr Reg Croawell ,
  Mrs Cynthia Croawell *  
Mr Wally Dumper,   Mrs Pauline Dumper, 
Mr Bill Goodwin*    Mr Ken Graham,   Mrs Anne Hailday,  
Mr Paul Hughes*,     Mr Jack Huta *  Mr J Jujnovich, 
Mr Graham Lowe,  Mr John Lyes,  Mr Jack McManus* 
Mr W.E (Shad) McManus,  Mr Owen McManus *  
Mr Peter McNab *
  Mr Laurie Mirko Snr,   Mr Paddy O’Hagan,                       Mr Mike Pawley,   Mr Bert Penney,   Mr Ivan Raos, 
Mr Peter Rasmussen,  Mr Noel Sanderson *  
Mrs Dorothy Smith *   Mr Eddie Tod *  Mr Wally Tooman,  
Mr Mark Walker,   Mrs Margaret Walker,   Mr Gary Stratton,  
Mr James O’Hagan.   Mr Shane Boggs,   Mr Ruben Wiki,  
Mr Bob Newald,  
Mr Malcolm Joe,  Sarah Carmont.
The * after the name denotes deceased Life Members